Tableau File Conversion Utility

      Note: Starting with Tableau 10.5 there is an "Export as Version" option in the File menu that will save your workbook back to 10.2. This works very well, except for Hyper extracts. If trying to convert 10.5 or later with a Hyper extract, you will need to delete the extract and then "Export as Version" and then replace the data source.


      Step 1: Choose TWB or TWBX File

      Converts Tableau 10 beta 5 and multiple connections

      For TWBX files, click on TWB file in list below:

        Step 2: Convert File and Save

        select version of Tableau to convert TWB file

        filename to save as  


    TWB content (for reference only)


    The Tableau conversion tool is not supported by Tableau Software or Data Plus Science, LLC. This tool is provided to you by Data Plus Science for you to use at your own risk. You are encouraged to make a backup of your work before using this tool.

    No metadata or information is retained by the converter, or any affiliate of this website.

    This tool is modifying the XML file. There is no guarentee that this will work for every file and every version of Tableau because the structure of the XML file has changed over time as new features have been added. For example, in Tableau 10 there is a new feature for clustering. Previous version of Tableau will not support this feature. In this case, the file may open in the previous version of Tableau, but the Clustering will show an error inside the Tableau workbook and the visualization will not render.

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