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Connected Dot Plot

Tableau Canvas Layout:

Connected dot plot utitlizes dots to represent different values on a graph. The difference is that these dots are connected by lines. It usually has two dimensions on Rows and two similar Measures (dual axis on Columns). Connected dot plot is sometimes called Dumbbell Chart

Data Set: Superstore Dataset

Building a Connected Dot Plot

Opening the Superstore Dataset

   Move Sub-category to Rows
   Move Order(Date) to Filters
and choose 2018 and 2019 only
   Move Sales to Columns
   Duplicate Sales to Columns, choose "Dual Axis" and then synchronize
   On the first Sales Marks Card, select Line. Drag Order(Date) to Path, select Year
   On the second Sales Marks Card, choose Circle
. Move Year(Order(Date)) to Color so that we will different colors on sides of the dumbbell

You should now have a Connected Dot Plot that looks like this:

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