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Diverging Bar Chart

Tableau Canvas Layout:

Diverging bar chart usually has two Measures on Columns and at least one Dimension on row. Two Measures could display the same field. One has the positive value while the other displays negative.

Data Set: Sample Superstore Dataset

Building a Diverging Bar Chart

Open dataset:
      Drag Profit to Columns
      Drag Order Date to Rows
      Break Order Date into Year and Quarter
      Select Bar on Marks card
You will have the following graph:

Next we will create a calculated field:
      Calculated Field: -Sales
      - [Sales]

Drag - [Sales] to Columns, next to Profit. Format color for a distinct look between two charts. Here I use blue for Sales and orange for Profit.

Add labels to Text. You can also use number format #,##0; -#,##0 for cleaner label.

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