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Donut Chart

Tableau Canvas Layout:

Donut chart is simply another type of pie chart but has a hole inside the circle, resemling a donut. However, donut chart takes more steps to create compared to pie chart.

Data Set: Sample Superstore Dataset

Building a donut chart

Opening Superstore dataset

     Drag Number of Records to Rows. Click on drop-down arrow of the pill, choose Measure and then Average
     Change Marks type from Automatic to Pie
     Increase size of the chart as preferred
     Right-click State and select Create > Set
     Name the set Top States by Profit. Select Top 1 by Sales Sum

Create a calculated field:
   Calculated Field: Top and Other
   Formula: IF [Top States by Profit] then [State] ELSE 'Other' END
   Place Sales on Angle.
   Place Top and Other on Color
You will have following canvas.

Our pie chart is still at the upper left corner of canvas. Uncheck Include Zero on Y-axis, change to Entire View to bring it to the middle of canvas.
We will now create a hole inside the pie to make it become a donut
   Duplicate current pill on Rows. Right-click on duplicated pill (on the right) and choose Dual Axis and then synchronize.
   Click on second pie chart pill, take Top and Other off the Marks card
   On that Marks card, change chart color to white (or any colors similars to the background). Increase size of the chart to make the white hole bigger as preferred. You now have a donut chart.

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