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Dot Plot with Jitter (Jitterplot)

Tableau Canvas Layout:

A dot plot with jitter will typically have one Measure placed on the Columns or the Rows, the Marks Card will be set to Circle and Dimensions will be used on Details and/or Color. Jitter is added to help avoid all of the dots being plotted on top of each other. This jitter is a random number used Columns or Rows to randomly spread the dots.

Data Set: World Indicators Data

Building a Dot Plot with Jitter

Using the World Indicators data:

     Double-click Life Expectancy Female to move it to Rows      Right-click on Life Expectancy Female on the Rows, select "Measures (Sum)" and change it to Average.
     Double-click Region to move it to Columns. This will create multiple dot plots across the Columns.
     Move Country to Details on the Marks card.
     Move Region to Color on the Marks card.
     Using the dropdown box on the Marks card, select "Circles".
     Move Year to Filter and select "Years" in the menu. Choose "2012" to filter the data to a single year (Optional).
     Double-click the y-axis and select "Fixed" and set the "Fixed Start" to 40.
     Double-click on the white area of the Columns to type in an in-line formula. The formula you will use for jitter is Random().

You should now have a dot plot with jitter similar to the image below.

Adjusting size, color and formatting

     Select Size on the Marks card and adjust the size of the circles as needed.
     Select Color on the Marks card and set Opacity to 65%.
     Select Border and pick a medium gray color.

Note - the opacity and border is a useful tool when lots of dots plot on top of each other.

     Right-click on the x-axis and uncheck "Show Header". This will remove the "Random()" field from the view.
     Right-click in the chart area and select "Format". Click the "Line" icon and set the Gridlines to "None".

You should now have a dot plot with jitter similar to the image below.

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