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Gantt Chart

Tableau Canvas Layout:

A typical gantt chart usually has one dimension on Rows and one measure on Columns. People use gantt chart in project mananagement to keep track of workflow of different tasks.

Data Set: Gantt Chart Example Dataset

Building a gantt chart

Opening the dataset. We need to create a calculated field first

     Calculated Field: End
     DATEADD("day", [Duration], [Start])

Right-click and drag Start to Columns, select continuous Exact Day. Move Task to Rows, change Marks card to Gantt Bar. Drag Resource to Color and Duration to Size

Duplicate Day(Start) on Columns and choose Dual Axis. Don't forget to synchronize axis!
On the first Day(Start) on Marks card, drag End to Text. Drag Start to Text on second one. Edit text and number format as preferred.

You now have a gantt chart demonstrating start and end date for each task.

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