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Tableau Canvas Layout:

A sparkbar is similar to sparkline in terms of presenting trends and variations according to a measuremement. Sparkbar is usually combined with sparkline to present two measurements at a time for comparison purpose.

Data Set: Sample Superstore Dataset

Building a sparkbar

Opening Superstore dataset:

     Right-click and drag Order Date to Columns, select continuous Month
     Move Category to Rows and Sales next to Category
     On Marks card, make sure Bar is selected. Move Category to Color

Right-click on axises and choose Hide Filled Labels. Right-click again on Y-axis and uncheck Show Header. You will now have three sparkbars presenting changes in sales over years of three product categories.

In order to combine sparkline, we move Profit Ratio next to Sales on Columns.
Click on drop-down arrow of Profit Ratio and choose Dual Axis, then synchronize. On Marks card of Profit Ratio, choose Bar.
What you will have is sparkbars combine with sparklines for clearer comparison between Sales and Profit over time. Feel free to format colors of bar and line for preferred eligibility

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