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Tadpole Chart

Tableau Canvas Layout:

Tadpole chart has a shape appearance resembling a tadpole, hence the name. It usually has 2 Measures (Dual Axis) on Columns and 1 Dimensions Columns.

Data Set: Lollipop Data

Building a Tadpole Chart

Opening the Lollipop Dataset

   Move Sequence to Rows
   Move Sales Lines to Columns
   Move Sales Circle to Columns
   Right-click on Sales Circle and Select "Dual Axis"
   Right-click on the secondary y-axis and Select "Synchronize Axis"
   On the All Marks Card, Move Category to Color

   On the Sales Lines Marks Card, Select Line from the dropdown menu on the Marks Card
   Move Period to Path
   Right-click on the Y-Axis and select "Show Header" to remove the header
   Right-click on the Secondary X-Axis at the top and select "Show Header" to remove the header

You should now have a Tadpole chart that looks like this:

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