Box plots now available with Tableau 8.1

Tableau 8.1 was just released this morning. I previously posted some example of the new integration with R. However, the other really nice feature that is new in 8.1 is the new chart type, box plots. This feature is also available as additional context in the axis dialogue where reference lines and bands are set.

I took some test grades from a few data visualization classes that I taught at the University of Cincinnati and created a quick dot plot. I used a technique called "jittering" to offset the points so that they do not plot on top of each other. I color coded the dots by letter grade and then added a box plot on top of this to show the distribution. Here is a look at the final result (click the image for the Tableau Public workbook).

Right click the y-axis and add or edit the reference line. The new options box looks like this:

After selecting box plot, I set the Style to "Modern", the color to "Dark Gray", transparency to 12%, and set the lines to the most narrow.

I think you will find this to be very useful. More to come soon.

Jeffrey A. Shaffer
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