Tableau Tips - Volume 16 Speed Tips

Here is the 16th installment of Tableau tips where I explore quick tips that enhance productivity in Tableau.

#10 - Assign Highlight Colors to Palette

Some folks are unsure how this tip actually helps and why we even need to know about it. I would say that it allows you to keep the highlight on a bar without clicking on the legend. Click on a color in the color legend to highlight color. Then right-click & select Assign Highlight Colors to Palette. This will assign the highlight/muted colors. Note the order of the legend will change.

#9 - Show Selected Mark Labels Quickly

Show Selected Mark Labels Quickly. Rather than selecting one mark at a time, we leverage a previous tip, Allow Selection by Category in Tooltip, to quickly multi-select the desired marks. Then right-click and set Mark Label to Always Show.

#8 - Double-Click to Add a Quick Filter

I find this tip very useful, especially when you need to have a brief look at data drill-down. Double-Click to Add a Quick Filter. Simply double-click a dimension to add it to the filters. Combine with multi-select using SHIFT or CTRL key and then double-click for additional filters.

#7 - Change the Row Banding Colors

This question came from @EthanHahnEH. Can you change the Row Banding to alternate using something other than white? While you don't have the option to set row bandings to different colors, this trick can be done by changing the pane color. Change the Row Banding Pane/Header & the Default Pane/Header to choose 2 alternating colors like below. Now you will have two distinct row banding colors.

#6 - Change Header and Corner Shading

In tip #7, we changed row banding colors. But what about headers? Right-click on the header to change header shading & then Format menu & Field Labels to change the Corner Shading.

#5 - Show Empty Row

There will be occasions where you want to show empty or filtered out values in the view. Under Analysis and Table Layout select Show Empty Rows. This will show the dimensions even if there is no value or filtered out. However, it will ignore Context Filters, which can be handy.

#4 - Copy Tableau Version

This tip comes into handy when you have to work with different versions of Tableau. Knowing version number will also be useful when require technical support. Under Help select About Tableau. A pop-up will show with version number. You can also CTRL-C and CTRL-V into a text editor.

#3 - Copy Tableau Key

Similar to tip #4, this is useful when you need a technical support from Tableau or technical department in your organizations.

#2 - Quickly Open File in Tableau Desktop

This tip saves so much time as you don't have to go through many steps of opening Tableau and connecting data source. Simply drag the file you wish to use to Tableau icon, it will open automatically.

#1 - Total Number of Worksheets in Tableau

Have you ever wondered how many worksheets can be in a workbook? In 2014, Matt Francis asked the same question and I went to 1,000. Now here is 1,152 Worksheets with bar charts. Performance is sluggish, but still workable.

I hope you find this information useful. If you have any questions feel free to email me at Jeff@DataPlusScience.com

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