3/21/2015 (updated 3/23/2015)
Tableau Wiki Data Viz Contest Entries

Tomorrow is the deadline to submit the entries to the Tableau Wiki Data Viz contest here. I have compiled a list of entries that I have seen so far. Some of these have excellent posts as well on how they built the visualization. Overall there are some really great entries, so I wanted to post this compilation for my students at the University of Cincinnati to use as inspiration for their upcoming projects in our data visualization class. I've added the author's Twitter account so you can follow them if you aren't already.

Note - I can't confirm that these are all entries and I'm sure there are many more not on this list. If I missed an entry that you know of feel free to email me and I will add it to the list.

The History of the English Football League by Chris Love
The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Solar System by Neil Charles
The Kings of Speed by Paul Banoub
La Tour Eiffel by Jonathan Trajkovic
Shipwrecks of the United Kingdom by Nicholas Bignell
Better to be a Drogba than an Owen? by Rob Radburn
Nobel Peace Prize Laureates by S.Pickering
Are We Alone In The Universe by Stephen Mitchell
How the Main Event was Won by Curtis Harris
Wikipedia births from every day of the year by Curtis Harris
The History & Popularity of English Bible Translations by Robert Rouse
The Pyramids of Egypt by Robert Rouse
The Race for the Sky by Will Harrison
Chinese Tattoo Generator by William Aubrey
Spurious Relationship Generator by William Aubrey
2015 NCAA Wikipedia Bracket by Alexandria Duke
Winning the Yellow Jersey by Carl Allchin
Comparison of on-demand streaming music services by Maxime Kehon
The Simpsons Vizipedia by David Newman
Star Trek Explorer by Wes
The Wiki Dead by Josh Tapley
Airline "Roots" by Nelson Davis
Nobel Laureates - Nobel Garden by KK Molugu
The Cosmic Calendar by Matt Chambers
What Qualifies You To Manage My Team? by Brian Prestidge
Youtube's Most Viewed Ohh Charlie by Stephen Wagner
History of Crayola Colors by Stephen Wagner
The Online, Interactive World Atlas by Steve Fenn
Interesting FIFA Statistics by Taru Gupta
The story of the 4 major NASA programs by Jeff Ingram
The Oscarpedia! by Uday Sharma
Top Music Artists in the UK & US by Adam E McCann
Human Development Index by Russell Spangler
Wikipedia Billboard Hot 100 by Ben Fox
Top 10 Natural Disasters By Type by Chris Cox
Profiles of American States and Territories by Chris Cox
UK vital statistics since 1960 by Jess Melville
Wikipedia Editor Contribution "Tree Rings" by Murat Kazanci
Expansion of London Train Stations 1836-2010 by Murat Kazanci
Gaming Addiction by Rob Austin
Wikipedia Featured Articles by Sean Reynolds
The Wikipedia Guide to French Impressionist Painters by Shine Pulikathara
Wiki RIP by Steven Rouk
Professional Golf Major Championships Winners by Thomas McCullough

If I missed a visualization in the list please feel free to email me a link to Jeff@DataPlusScience.com and I'll add it to the list.

Good luck to all the entries!

Jeffrey A. Shaffer