Demonstration of Tableau and deck.js

This is a demonstration of how you can embed Tableau visualizations from Tableau Public (or Tableau Server) into a deck.js to create a very responsive visualization. Notice that while you are reading this page the visualizations for all of the 'slides' are pre-loading so you don't get the Tableau 'fruit loop' waiting for the initial viz to load.

This technique allows you to use HTML to embed not only Tableau, but images, text, videos, etc. as well as control the entire slide show using various themes and styles.

For purpose of this demonstration I chose to showcase a number of Tableau Public visualizations from some of the Tableau Zen Masters. I think you will find this technique to be very powerful and I will showcase some of the options available in future posts.

Consider this: you are about to scroll through 12 (rather large) Tableau Public visualizations with a combined load time of almost 2 minutes.

Created by:

Jeffrey Shaffer

Before we begin, this slide demonstrates embedded images.

This slide demonstrates embedded video from YouTube.

Add anything you can dream up in HTML.

Is Tableau the best data visualization software on the market?


Hint - the answer is yes

When Birds and Planes Collide by Tableau Zen Master Kelly Martin

Lufthansa Strike by Craig Bloodworth

2012 XVAL Player Performance Comparison by Tableau Iron Viz Champion Ryan Sleeper

Read All About It by Tableau Zen Master Peter Gilks

M 8.2 Earthquake. Iquique, Chile by Tableau Zen Master Ramon Martinez

Chess by Tableau Zen Master Joe Mako

Stairs of the City by Tableau Zen Master and Iron Viz Champion Anya A'Hearn

Who is the greatest F1 Driver of All Times? by Tableau Zen Master Matt Francis

This is the Story of My Career by Tableau Zen Master Mark Jackson

Blackjack by Tableau Zen Master Joshua Milligan

World by Tableau Zen Master Noah Salvaterra

Tracking STDs, HIV, and AIDS in Texas by Tableau Zen Master Steve Wexler

NY Taxi by Tableau Zen Master Allan Walker

Most Common Birthdays by Tableau Zen Master Andy Kriebel

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