Tableau and reveal.js

A Demonstration using Tableau with reveal.js
Posted 1/25/2015 at

Presentation created by Jeffrey A. Shaffer / @HighVizAbility
reveal.js created by Hakim El Hattab / @hakimel
Hakim's original presentation here


An adaptation of Hakim Hattab's demonstration of reveal.js.

Nakim describes:

   "reveal.js enables you to create beautiful interactive slide decks using HTML."

I will demonstrate how you can embed Tableau workbooks into the slide decks to create seamless transitions and reduce wait time for the visualizations to load.

Urbanizing China

This is a Tableau Public visualization courtesy of
Tableau Zen Master Mark Jackson / @ugamarkj


The Atlantic here
Landesa here and here
The New York Times here
The Wall Street Journal here and here

Different slide transitions

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slide fade
convex transition
concave transition
zoom transition
original slide transition


Presentation created by Jeffrey A. Shaffer / @HighVizAbility