Tableau and reveal.js with Gesture

Presentation created by Jeffrey A. Shaffer / @HighVizAbility

This demonstration requires a webcam and Chrome browser

Click "Allow" to turn on webcam and wave left to right!

Just for fun

I combined Hakim Hattab's reveal.js with William Wu's gesture.js. It's far from perfect, but it does work.

This is not all that practical for a presentation with Tableau added, but it is possible to turn it on and off.

I will work on tweaking this and will post in the future on how to put this all together.

Urbanizing China

This is a Tableau Public visualization courtesy of
Tableau Zen Master Mark Jackson / @ugamarkj


The Atlantic here
Landesa here and here
The New York Times here
The Wall Street Journal here and here

Different slide transitions

Click to view presentation with:

slide fade
convex transition
concave transition
zoom transition
original slide transition


Presentation created by Jeffrey A. Shaffer / @HighVizAbility